BaşlıkThat’s What Makes McDonald’s
Kampanya That’s what makes McDonald’s
Reklamcı McDonald's
Marka McDonald's
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Sektör Restaurants & Fast Food
Slogan That’s what makes McDonald’s
felsefe On 14th June Leo Burnett is launching its latest 60” commercial for McDonald’s in the “That’s what makes McDonald’s” campaign. It continues to reassure parents about the high quality of McDonald’s food and, for the first time, highlights McDonald’s commitment to corporate social responsibility, citing staff training opportunities, environmental initiatives and its commitment to their local communities. The campaign celebrates the sheer quantity of great stories McDonald’s has to tell by creating an A to Z of McDonald’s. Starting with A and finishing, unsurprisingly, with Z the TV ad features a group of parents, kids and farmers working together to bring to life the various stories in a fun, irreverent way. We tell the entire A-Z in the 60 second ad but then use 20s and 10s to focus on more specific stories. 
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