Eclectic Music

London, United Kingdom

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55 Greek Street
London W1D 3DT
telefon: (+44) 020 7494 3311

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Eclectic Music

55 Greek Street
London W1D 3DT
telefon: (+44) 020 7494 3311

Eclectic Sounds Wilson

telefon: (+44) 0207-494-3311

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About Eclectic Music

Eclectic Music is a Soho-based music production company that specialize in original music composition, sound design, music searches and negotiation. We also offer audio post production services. Our two recently refurbished recording and mixing studios are installed with Dolby E encoding and genelec and dynaudio monitoring, and our client area provides a cozy, family feel to it to ensure your experience with us is as enjoyable and calm as possible. We pride ourselves on the way we interoperate a music brief. We ensure we address all possible approaches to searching for, or creating, "The One"- that perfect piece of music. We have worked with a number of top advertising agencies around the globe for the past five years. During this time, we have built up a production database constituting a carefully selected group of outstanding composers, songwriters, artists, orchestrators and producers- all individually acknowledged and well-known in the music industry. Our award-winning composers create bespoke and unique music that helps communicate a brand quickly and effectively, using the power of music to captivate an audience for maximum media impact. In addition, our search and licensing department is fully independent, allowing us complete control over our music and as a result guarantees originality on each project. Our aim is to create and produce original and re-recorded compositions with total integrity and validity, in which we deliver, without fail, on time and within budget. We are a friendly, professional company and, by working as a team, we ensure the best creative outcome and client experience.


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