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Ronda Guinardò, 59 bis, 08024, Barcelona
telefon: (+34) 934 545 8066

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Barcelona Film Commission

Ronda Guinardò, 59 bis, 08024, Barcelona
telefon: (+34) 934 545 8066
Montserrat Gulu i Valls Guiu

Montserrat Gulu i Valls Guiu

Office Coordinator

telefon: (+34) l: 93 454 80 66

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About Barcelona Film Commission

The Barcelona Film Commission is the service that the Barcelona City Council offers to the audiovisual industry in order to help them shoot in our city. 


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Felsefe & Rekabete Dayanan Avantajlar

We act as intermediaries between producers that wish to film in the city and the municipal departments that manage the City Council locations, providing information about the conditions for filming and the possibilities that each location can offer. If needed, we can also intermediate with privately owned landmark buildings of the city.

We also organize production meetings to prepare large and medium size shoots; we assist production companies with the requests of shooting and parking permits, mainly for the Public Thoroughfare, Public Parks, Gardens and Beaches, Museums or Municipal buildings. The Barcelona Film Commission offers as well its intermediation to apply for the exemption of the public occupational fees for non commercial productions with cultural purposes.

The service includes a wide database of locations, and experienced companies and professionals of the Audiovisual Industry of Barcelona, with more than 6.000 files of public consultation in order to facilitate the organization of your production in our city.

Our conditions
In return for the use of the BFC services and the city as a set, we kindly ask the production companies to include in their final credits the BFC name and logo, as well as the names of the public or private entities involved in the shooting.

You can download our logos in the Documents section of this website. 

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