Laura Gregory
Founder at Great Guns
New York, United States
BaşlıkSamsung Calories Marathon
Kampanya Samsung Calories Marathon
Reklamcı Samsung
Marka Samsung
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Sektör Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual
felsefe Samsung is the official sponsor of the Tel Aviv Marathon* - Israel’s biggest sports event of the year. It has been for a number of years and true to a tradition started in 2017 with the “Samsung Gaming Marathon”, it has decided to use that occasion to do good. So this year it is launching the “Samsung Calories Marathon”: A marathon where the more calories you burn, the more food products Samsung donates on your behalf to the needy. Working together with the “Pitchon Lev” soup kitchen* –the country’s largest soup kitchen which services over 250.000 Israelis each year with food products and basic needs - Samsung has pledged to match each calorie burnt with a similar calorie-rich food product it will donate on runners’ behalf to the organization. So if you take into account that a normal person weighting 75 kilograms would probably complete the 42 kilometer marathon in just under four hours – we’re talking about burning close to 4000 calories multiplied by at least 40.000 participants – that’s the rough equivalent of 320.000 meals! How will Samsung manage it? Well runners will be outfitted with a special calorie counting band and to show people at all times how many calories have already been raised and burnt, the company will set up a live calorie counter on Rabin Square – Tel Aviv’s central square right opposite town hall. On Marathon day, runners crossing the finish line will be directed to a branded compound where besides getting a personal video of their run – they will be invited to choose the food products that match the number of calories they burned and compile the food package that will be donated on their behalf. But that’s not all. To amplify Samsung’s effort, the company will be setting up “Samsung Calories Stations” at high traffic density spots and shopping malls throughout the country– where people will be invited to run on treadmills and add their burnt calories to the general ‘burnt calories’ count. An activity that will allow people to donate their calories once, twice or more. The way we see it, the “Samsung Calories Marathon” means one thing: Run. Burn. Feed. Repeat. Watch our commercial here: *Pitchon Lev - is an apolitical non-profit organization founded in 1998, working to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty in Israel. An organization dedicated to enabling less fortunate people to lead a dignified life while striving to supply them with a platform to exit from poverty. The organization assists over 250,000 people each year regardless of sex, religion, race, origin or nationality. The recipients receive aid in food, baby food, household utensils, clothing, footwear, electrical appliances, legal and medical advice and hairdressing services.
Medya Türü Web Film
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