Mark Fairbanks
Creative Director (freelance) at Mother
London, United Kingdom
BaşlıkStandard Packs
Kampanya Standard Packs
Reklamcı Cancer Research UK
Marka Cancer Research UK
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi
Sektör Charities, Foundations, Volunteers
hikaye The films open on shocking images of children “smoking” cigarettes. A voiceover explains the lengths the tobacco industry goes to to recruit new, young smokers in three different countries. From what the viewer sees, each child looks as though they are in the country being discussed however a reveal shows that they are, in fact, in the UK. 
felsefe The campaign aims to show the lengths that the tobacco industry goes to to recruit smokers around the world, showing that branded packaging is an impactful way to reach new, young smokers in the UK. It follows on from last year’s hard hitting film which showed the impact of packaging on children. 
Sorun Cancer Research UK and AMV BBDO are launching a campaign to raise awareness about the need for the government to legislate standard packaging across all tobacco products, and show key decision makers, including MPs, that the measure has public support. 
Medya Türü Television & Cinema
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Reklam Yazarı
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Strateji Planlama
Strateji Planlama
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Müşteri Temsilcisi
Müşteri Temsilcisi
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