Juan Manuel Prieto Moreno
Creative Director at Sancho BBDO
Bogotá, Colombia
BaşlıkWomen Rewrite Women
Brief#WomenRewriteWomen was a campaign by El Tiempo, the biggest newspaper in Colombia. In order to show that gender discrimination is still present, even in the news, women were urged to change the story. On International Women's Day, female journalists were invited to choose a sexist headline from any source and rewrite it from their own point of view. Later, a special edition of the newspaper was dedicated entirely to women, while the rewritten headlines became print ads. For International Women's Day, female journalists rewrote sexist headlines and the results were turned into print ads. #WomenRewriteWomen was a campaign by El Tiempo, the biggest newspaper in Colombia, which also ran a special edition dedicated to women.
Kampanya Women Rewrite Women
Reklamcı El Tiempo
Marka El Tiempo Newspaper
PostedKasım 2018
Sektör Newspapers, Magazines, Books
hikaye El Tiempo is a nationally distributed broadsheet daily newspaper in Colombia. As of 2012, it had the highest circulation in Colombia with an average daily weekday of 1,137,483 readers, rising to 1,921,571 readers for the Sunday edition.
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