Making the world greener, one campaign at a time

These eco-driven campaigns inspire better sustainable practices

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We partnered with social good non-profit ACT Responsible this Earth Day to highlight campaigns that are working to make our world better through raising awareness and enacting action. Talking about the climate doesn't have to be all gloom and doom, and these agencies prove that advertisers have the power to bring about positive change through creative storytelling. You can view the full Earth Day playlist here!


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Tegucigalpa, Honduras
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Ogilvy Honduras + Heaven Fish

For the last 100 years, Yoro, Honduras has witnessed one of the world's most peculiar natural phenomena: fish rain, in which fish fall from the sky. Ogilvy Hondurus stepped in to create Heaven Fish, a company that utilizes the fish that fall from the sky to provide the people of Yoro with a new sustainable economic income. This initiative benefits locals by providing a sustainable food source and generating economic resources and jobs. Sky fisher has become an official job in Yoro. Over 60% of the population are involved, whether as farmers, collaborators in the distribution center, fish collectors with hammocks, or workers in processing and packaging. All those involved in the production and distribution of derived products are considered sky fishers.

Heaven Fish contributes to the environment with the production of its packaging made from banana leaves, thus achieving a positive impact on ecosystem protection. These banana leaves are sourced directly from plantations in Yoro and are used to make cardboard by local artisans. Additionally, Heaven Fish will be selling The Book of Yoro, a book made from recycled materials that will describe the entire history of the phenomenon.

The culmination of this campaign includes short documentary films on the lives of three local Sky Fishers. View the campaign films here.

"Diana" Sky Fisher | Heaven Fish


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Amsterdam, Netherlands
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Global leader in health technology, Royal Philips, unveiled a new sustainable campaign in January that addresses the significant environmental impact that healthcare has on our planet. “Care means the world” asks the question, ‘If our planet isn’t healthy, can humans really be?’

Through a series of OOH executions and a campaign film, Philips shows the link between human health and environmental health is central to sustainable healthcare.

View the full campaign here.


Havas Peru
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Lima, Peru
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Havas Group Peru + Volvo

“Before the Words”

A leader of the charge, Volvo prides itself on being a climate-friendly pioneer before the industry started to become mindful of the planet and terms related to sustainability became trendy. For the brand’s 97th anniversary, they partnered with Havas Group in Peru to create a graphic print campaign showcasing that they were already taking action long before words. Volvo was walking the walk before it became aa hot topic.



Ogilvy New York
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New York, United States
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Ogilvy New York + Coca-Cola

“Recycle Me”

Coca-Cola recently launched a new global OOH campaign ‘Recycle Me’ to inspire people to make recycling part of their daily Coca-Cola experience. The visually impressive campaign consists of a series of powerful OOH images depicting the Coca-Cola logo after a can has been crushed during the recycling process.

This call to action is designed to put recycling front of mind and encourage the consumer to take positive action after consuming a can of Coke. This latest initiative is part of the brand's ‘World Without Waste’ strategy and encourages recycling on a mass scale.