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BaşlıkThe World's to Do List
Kampanya The World's To Do List
Reklamcı Project Everyone
Marka Project Everyone
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Sektör Charities, Foundations, Volunteers
hikaye The campaign reframes the 17 Goals as "The World's To-Do List" in order to remind people we have a blueprint for a better world. Each goal is hand-written on giant sticky notes placed in iconic locations across the globe and on billboards and projected onto buildings in major cities, from New York to Venice. The playful yet profound messages re-imagine the Goals as a series of short actionable 'to-do's', setting a clear reminder that we have the plan to fix the world's problems; we just need the action to get it done. The 17 ambitious tasks scrawled on the giant sticky notes include 1. End poverty, 2. End world hunger, 5. Achieve gender equality and 13. Tackle the climate crisis.
felsefe A campaign to inspire action to meet the UN's 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. The campaign enlists some of the world's biggest brands during Global Goals Week, an annual event to mark the anniversary of the Global Goals during the UN General Assembly, from 20-26 September. The UN's 17 Global Goals aim to end poverty and inequality and solve the climate crisis by 2030. "The World's To-Do List" campaign urges world leaders to act now to achieve these Goals and gets the business world to put its considerable weight behind the
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