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Headline Makers 25 April 2018

Ruxandra Papuc explains why Romanians are the Brazilians of Europe, and how advertising really should strive to change the world. Daha fazla oku

Exclusive 19 April 2018

"If we keep creating meaningful policies that encourage women in the industry and continue to empower one another, we can inspire generations to... Daha fazla oku

Exclusive 18 April 2018

"I don’t think, based on my experience, that we’re having a hard time attracting women to this industry. But we are having a hard time keeping... Daha fazla oku

Exclusive 18 April 2018

Interview with Beat Baudenbacher from Loyalkaspar Daha fazla oku

Exclusive 12 April 2018

"If you’re in a position to hire a woman, hire her. That said, she better be as good as the man that’s competing for the same job. The point of the... Daha fazla oku

12 April 2018

"I hope to inspire the next generation by being fearless, by equipping them with the tools to be the best in their trade, by creating an... Daha fazla oku

Exclusive 12 April 2018

"Like a Girl made us wonder when and how we lost that confidence, and damned if we let it happen to the next generation." Daha fazla oku

Exclusive 12 April 2018

"It’s a well-documented phenomenon that women often don’t stretch for promotions or additional responsibilities. That women don’t push for higher... Daha fazla oku

11 April 2018

Interview with Rafael Delgado director at Happy Monster in Mexico Daha fazla oku

Exclusive 9 April 2018

Publicis Groupe’s production company Prodigious has officially opened its new social-oriented Content Factory to agencies and clients. We went to... Daha fazla oku