BaşlıkThe 54-Second Watch (118s)
Kampanya The 54-Second Watch
Reklamcı Fondation Emergence
Marka Fondation Émergence
İlk Yayınlanma Tarihi 2023
Sektör Human Rights
hikaye Around the world, LGBTQ+ people face daily violence. But the statistics paint an even darker picture. Intolerance kills. Abuse and discrimination lead to suicides and murders, cutting average life expectancy by years. To denounce this injustice, we designed an object just as unfair, a watch that loses a decade oven one lifetime. Removing 6 seconds every minute: The 54 second watch. Ten copies were engineered in Switzerland by assembling custom high precision movements. The watch was featured in print and out-of-home advertising using press photos of violence against LGBTQ+ people.
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