BaşlıkKeep The Noise Up
BriefLGBT+ people of colour are rarely celebrated in history, yet this community have been at the forefront of the fight for LGBT+ rights from the earliest days of the movement. In today's ongoing struggle, this is a strong legacy that deserves to be celebrated.So we created a script from a series of powerful quotes by inspirational activists who led the early days of the Black Pride movement: people like Audre Lorde and James Baldwin. The quotes were then spoken by our cast, who are each making waves in their community and driving the agenda today. These individual quotes and influencers united to form one voice, paying homage to the past while setting the tone and direction for the future: a rallying cry to come together and 'Keep The Noise Up' as the fight for equality continues.The political message was essential, but rather than focusing on stamping out prejudice, our film needed a positive and upbeat tone to energise and inspire today's grassroots movement. In honour of their culture, our film is a celebration of what makes the community unique, including music and styling from LGBT+ people of colour throughout.The campaign film was supported by donated outdoor billboards, which featured the campaign with live tweets from the hashtag to amplify the conversation. On social media there was also a series of posts featuring inspiring stories about the influential actions of each historical activist and cast member: elevating their voices and increasing the visibility of much needed role models.
Kampanya Keep the noise up
Reklamcı UK Black Pride
Marka UK Black Pride

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PostedŞubat 2019
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