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About Halal

HALAL is a bespoke film production company and photography agency based in the heart of Amsterdam. Dedicated to producing the highest quality creative content, we represent a select group of exceptional film directors and photographers.
Founded in 2005, HALAL is owned and run by four partners: Gijs Kerbosch, Roel Oude Nijhuis, Gijs Determeijer and Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen.

Latest News

Halal Docs represented with three films at the prestigious IDFA festival

‘A Stranger Came to Town, ‘Independent Boy’ and ‘Love Letters’ selected for the 2017 edition of the renowned festival taking place 15-27th of November.

Amsterdam, October 9th, 2017 – Today Halal Docs announces the involvement of three of their productions at International Documentary Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). Being represented is a prestigious recognition from the festival that is renowned internationally.

Halal has established itself as one of Netherland’s leading production powerhouses, the documentary department being spearheaded by founder Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen. In a period of rapid growth, the department within the photography and film production company purely dedicated to documentaries, has recently picked up various accolades including the esteemed price for ‘Best Debut Film’ at Netherlands Film Festival (NFF) for ‘Genderbende’ by director Sophie Dros.

The three films that are selected for this year’s IDFA festival are ‘A Stranger Came to Town’ by Thomas Vroege, ‘Independent Boy’ by Vincent Boy Kars and ‘Love Letters’ by Tara Fallaux. 

Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen, Founder & Head of Halal Docs, comments: “It’s an honour to have three films selected for IDFA - a true endorsement to our work and talent. The fact that ‘Love Letters’ is the only NL representative in the International category is a testament to our vision of creating work at the highest global level and standard. It has always been our goal to develop films that surprise, inspire, engage and inform. These three films are stellar examples of the way in which we strive to have a positive and uplifting approach to whatever subject is explored in our documentaries. By always challenging our audiences to expand their world view, we tell stories that penetrate popular culture. I am extremely proud of Thomas, Vincent and Tara – three brilliant directors with distinct personal signatures connecting with their audiences in innovative and meaningful ways.” 

IDFA takes place in Amsterdam 15-27th of November:
The three productions were made possible with the support of The Netherlands Filmfund, CoBO, Mediafund, HUMAN, VPRO, NCRV-KRO. 

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