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Reklamcı NatWest
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PostedHaziran 2022
SektörSadece aboneler
Medya Türü Web Film
Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) Sadece aboneler
Brand Marketing Director N...y Ma....ll Sadece aboneler
Head of Brand Advertising P...a C....on Sadece aboneler
Brand Advertising Lead ..n W..d Sadece aboneler
Brand Advertising Lead Ch.....te Sadece aboneler
Brand Advertising Manager E...e C...k Sadece aboneler
CEO S...h Sadece aboneler
Yönetici Direktör G..y S....ns Sadece aboneler
Yönetici Direktör S...h C...k Sadece aboneler
Yaratıcı Ajans Başkanı M...y T...r Sadece aboneler
Yaratıcı Yönetmen T..y A...n Sadece aboneler
Yaratıcı Ekip L..i B...s Sadece aboneler
Yaratıcı Ekip C..l S...ey K..e A...op Sadece aboneler
Yaratıcı Ekip ..n Sadece aboneler
Head of Art P..l Sa.....on Sadece aboneler
Head of Integrated Production C...p Sadece aboneler
Deputy Head of Integrated Production R..k Sadece aboneler
Prodüktör R..k Sadece aboneler
Stills Producer W...rt Sadece aboneler
Head of Planning M...s Sadece aboneler
Strateji Planlama M..t S..w Sadece aboneler
Client Lead ..b P...e Sadece aboneler
Direktör A...on Sadece aboneler
Müşteri Direktörü I...en C...k Sadece aboneler
Müşteri Direktörü A..x A....on Sadece aboneler
Müşteri Direktörü J...y Sadece aboneler
Prodüksiyon Şirketi D...L Sadece aboneler
Yönetmen P...ll Sadece aboneler
Prodüksiyon Sorumlusu Sh....rd Sadece aboneler
Prodüktör J..s W...e Sadece aboneler
Cast Co-Ordinator H...a H...d Sadece aboneler
Prodüksiyon Sorumlusu Do....ka W...k Sadece aboneler
Görüntü Yönetmeni O..n Co....dy Sadece aboneler
Prodüktör A...ur .e Sadece aboneler
Stylist H...ah E....ds Sadece aboneler
Sanat Yönetmeni Sadece aboneler
1st AD R...on .e Sadece aboneler
Editör Gro......ter Sadece aboneler
Assistant Editor J..y Sadece aboneler
Offline Producer E..a Sadece aboneler
Offline Producer N...en K..n Sadece aboneler
Post Prodüksiyon U...ld Sadece aboneler
Yaratıcı Yönetmen ..n Sadece aboneler
Özel Efektler A..x G..y Sadece aboneler
VFX Lead Ca....ll Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist S...t Si....ds Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist ..m Hu....ey Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist D..e I..e Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist G..o Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist B....ri Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist H...y Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist K...m C....ic Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist M...o Gr......tti Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist L...s Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist G...t Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist Be....nt Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist R...el Bo......rne Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist C...a Ma.....ale Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist K...el Ma.....icz Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist C...g H...y Sadece aboneler
VFX Artist I..r Ve....ko Sadece aboneler
Renkçi J...en A...y Sadece aboneler
Prodüktör E..a Sadece aboneler
Prodüksiyon Sorumlusu ..m Ig.....en Sadece aboneler
Ses Post Prodüksiyon F....ry Sadece aboneler
Sound Engineer M..k H...s Sadece aboneler
Prodüktör C...a W...ey Sadece aboneler
MUSIC Artist G..n Sadece aboneler
Writer L...a P...y Sadece aboneler
Writer G..n Sadece aboneler
Music Negotiation .e ..e Sadece aboneler
Music Supervisor A...ld Sadece aboneler

About The&Partnership

We believe in the power of &, bringing ideas and technology together to power brands and businesses.
We are an independent, future-focussed, entrepreneurially-minded creative agency bringing talent, data and technology together to deliver creative solutions for the complex digital world we live in today.
We are one of the world’s fastest growing marketing networks. Strengthened by the scale and capabilities of our partnership with WPP, our 1800-strong multi-disciplined agency network, spread across 45 offices in five continents, has seen four continuous years of record growth against an ever-changing industry backdrop. 

Latest News

New training academy launched by The&Partnership & mSix&Partners

The&Academy, a new apprenticeship scheme for the advertising industry, has been launched by The&Partnership – one of the world’s fastest growing marketing networks, and mSix&Partners – a joint venture media network between The&Partnership and GroupM.

Based at a brand-new Birmingham campus, The&Academy will provide full-time training and work experience to the next generation of diverse talent who might not otherwise have considered careers in the digital and creative industries. [They will learn and apply from Day 1 essential skills for the future in digital, tech and data]. In its first year, the focus is on attracting up to 25 apprentices from Birmingham and the surrounding areas. In future years, The&Academy will expand to North America and Europe.

The&Academy will be delivered by Multiverse, providers of high-quality apprenticeship programmes for diverse future leaders, to establish the first-ever centre of excellence for both media and creative specialists in Birmingham. Partnering with Meta, Google and TikTok will ensure apprentices learn from and work alongside the best media, digital, and creative specialists around.

Johnny Hornby, Chairman and CEO of The&Partnership said:

“Great brands are built by bringing together diverse creators and I’m proud that The&Partnership and mSix&Partners will be part of shaping the next generation of digital and creative talent. And of course digital, tech and data are essential skills for the future, not just in advertising but across the economy.”

Jess Burley, Executive Chair at mSix&Partners, said:

“The&Academy provides new opportunities for young people from different and diverse backgrounds to access the digital and creative industries in a way that might not have been open to them previously. Our goal is to support them to learn, progress and become the future stars of advertising. We’re excited to be working with amazing partners in Google, Meta and TikTok and Birmingham is the perfect place to start.”

The&Academy aims to solve some of the pressing issues currently facing the advertising industry, as well as the creative industries generally. Over half of global Chief Marketing Officers think a skills shortage is holding the industry back.During the year-long course, the curriculum will cover the key principles of the media and creative disciplines and incorporate partnerships with some of the biggest names in media and technology.

Recruitment is currently underway with applications open to 18-24 year-olds in Birmingham and the surrounding area. 

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