BaşlıkCheers to the Real Hardcore Fans
Kampanya Cheers to the Real Hardcore Fans
Reklamcı Heineken
Marka Heineken

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PostedMayıs 2024
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Medya Türü Television
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About Ogilvy Peru

For Ogilvy Perú reinventing itself does not mean changing its essence, but rather the formula for doing things. That is why what David Ogilvy called “divine nonconformity” is the inspiration that drives everything the agency does to continue being strategic allies in the business of its clients. 

Latest News

Ogilvy Peru and Heineken surprised true UEFA Champions League fans at the highest

When UEFA Champions League overlaps with working hours, Heineken reaches out to the fans.

Ogilvy Peru presented a spectacular activation for Heineken as part of the UEFA Champions League and the global campaign “Cheers to the Real Hardcore Fans” to celebrate real fans.

“For Peruvians, the Champions League is a highly engaging sporting event, and no one wants to miss a single match. Sometimes it overlaps with working hours. This was going to be the case for the semifinal between Real Madrid and Bayern, undoubtedly a highly anticipated match. That's why we installed a giant screen on the 14th floor of Entel to surprise more than a thousand employees so they could enjoy the match minute by minute. This way, we created a brand experience for Heineken and the fans, generating a connection at a relevant moment for them” said Yasu Arakaki, Chief Creative Officer of Ogilvy Peru and Ecuador.

The activation had a great impact. “This is one of the moments of the year where we enjoy the true spirit with the die-hard fans. And this campaign ‘Cheers to the True Fans’ allows us to be close to them. The atmosphere in the offices was very exciting because no one imagined that a screen would appear outside the building to watch the match and be part of Heineken’s commitment to creating the best moments around elite football. The brand experience was very good, and we are very happy, and looking forward to the final on June 1st!” explained Yulia Elchenko, Marketing Director of Heineken Peru.

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