Voskhod Agency, ISD Group and The App Solutions “brought up” artificial intelligence

yoluyla Katia Chelpanova

Two systems of artificial intelligence, like two twins separated at birth, were “brought up” in completely different environments of information. One system consumed a Russian state TV-channel “Russia-1” content, the other – TV-Rain content, an independent television channel, owned by journalist Natalya Sindeyeva.

Together with developers from ISD Group, The App Solutions and the Voskhod Team, they decided to show the difference between the world views formed through different media.

Andrey Gubaydullin, Voskhod Ad Agency’s creative director said:

“Both intellects can analyse information on their own and create connections between meanings. They have no experience. There are no outside factors that could influence their perception of information. They seem to be consuming information as it comes, from square one. Imagine that we took two twins who knew nothing about the world and tried to form their worldview. In one case, it would be with the help of TV-Rain, in the other using the TV-channel “Russia-1”. Now, they are answering questions using the information they absorbed while “watching TV” during the experiment. And when kids don’t know something, they start to make things up. That’s the most fascinating part of it”. 


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