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Reklamcı Chobani, Inc.
Marka Chobani
PostedMayıs 2015
Sektör Yogurt
hikaye Chobani Gets Real With Ads That Are About a Lifestyle, Not a Product. Twenty seconds into Opperman Weiss' new 90-second anthem spot for Chobani, it's clear something is amiss. A family in the countryside, caked in mud, trudges through fields, but Mom and Dad aren't talking. They're a farming family, butthis isn't your typical farming-themed commercial, even though it opens with the almost clichéd amber waves of grain. "This is a modern American story," Chobani CMO Peter McGuinness told Adweek onFriday. "It's a family, and we don't know what happened with them. Somethinghappened that involved the kids. And then they work through it as a family. Andthey come out of it stronger and better and closer." 
felsefe The point is, Chobani doesn't see a pretend world—the world of most yogurtcommercials. It sees the real world. And when viewers see the authentic,real-life moments in the ads, they may be more inclined to believe the realnessof the brand.It's an approach that almost turns Chobani into alifestyle brand—if you buy the lifestyle here, you well may buy the products,too.
The spot features an original song written for the brandby Eef Barzelay, who also appears in the spot. The song's refrain is, "To lovethis life is to live it naturally." The tagline itself is "Love this life," and"it's the intersection between the brand and our products and the role they playin people's lives," says McGuinness.
"We kind of went from how our yogurt is made to how our yogurt makes you feel,"McGuinness adds. That kind of lifestyle play wouldn't work for every food brand,but "we think we have the authentic credibility to play in this space," headds.Chobani is also debuting new packaging to show the realingredients inside each cup. 
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