BaşlıkWhen Red Balloons Fly
BriefA lonely little boy makes a late-night phone call to 911 in search of his mother who has gone to heaven. The gentle-hearted police officer on the other end of the call tells the boy that he can communicate with his mother by attaching messages to red balloons and releasing them into the sky. This is a tale – based on a true story – of the kindness that helps a little boy let go of his pain and loss and treasure memories to remember.
Kampanya When Red Balloons Fly
Reklamcı Kingston Technology
Marka Kingston
PostedKasım 2016
Sektör Consumer Electronics & Audio-Visual
hikaye In 1998, the memory-stick was invented and it created a new revolution of saving files .All of the memory sticks emphasize on how quickly they can store files or how big their capacity is, but for consumers, touching and unforgettable memories are the most important. We decided to transform touching “memory” stories into movies to bring out people’s tears ---this is “When Red Balloons Fly”.
Medya Türü Web Film
Yaratıcı Ajans Başkanı
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