BaşlıkFilm 4 Idents
Kampanya Film 4 Idents
Reklamcı Direct Line
Marka Direct Line
PostedHaziran 2020
Sektör Insurance
felsefe In the movies, anything can happen. Which is perfect for Direct Line Insurance, because it had the opportunity to sponsor Film on 4, with idents in the ad breaks of famous movies. The idea was for a call centre that took calls and responded to events happening in the films, as they happened. Saatchi & Saatchi created over 60 idents that, with clever media buys, perfectly lined up with iconic insurance-related events in the movies. The imaginary call centre took calls from Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters, including a helicopter crash from The Matrix, and axe damage to a bathroom door from The Shining.
Medya Türü Case Study
Editing Şirketi
Post Prodüksiyon
Prodüksiyon Şirketi
Yaratıcı Ajans Başkanı
Yaratıcı Yönetmen
Yaratıcı Yönetmen
Yaratıcı Ekip
Yaratıcı Ekip
Yaratıcı Ekip
Business Leader
Müşteri Direktörü
Müşteri Temsilcisi
Strateji Planlamacı
Ajans Prodüktörü
Production Supervisor
Prodüksiyon Sorumlusu
Post-production Producer
Ses Tasarım Şirketi
Sound Designer
Brand Director
Marketing Manager
Manager, Brand Marketing
Head of Sponsorship & Events
Prodüksiyon Sorumlusu
Associate Director

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